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Google Set To Face Intellectual Ventures In Landmark Patent Trial

"Just because you have a winning ticket doesn't mean it's not still a lottery," he said. IV and Google both declined to comment on the upcoming trial. Since its founding in 2000, IV has raised about $6 billion (3.6 billion pounds) from investors and has bought tens of thousands of intellectual property assets from a variety of sources. Google was an investor in IV's first patent acquisition fund, but did not join later vehicles. IV filed a barrage of lawsuits in 2010 against companies in various sectors, and most defendants have since settled. THE INVENTORS Two of the patents in the upcoming Motorola trial cover inventions by Richard Reisman, U.S. government records show. Through his company, Teleshuttle, Reisman has developed several patent portfolios for various technologies, including an online update service, according to the Teleshuttle website. IV claims that the two Reisman patents cover several of Motorola's older-generation cellphones that have Google Play, a platform for Android smartphone apps.
More http://news.yahoo.com/google-set-face-intellectual-ventures-landmark-patent-trial-120257772--sector.html

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